About the Icelandic Bar Association

Under Icelandic law, attorneys are obliged to be members of the Icelandic Bar Association. The role of the Association is to represent the legal profession to judicial and administrative authorities as regards matter affecting the profession. The Association also seeks to ensure that any person needing the assistance of an attorney obtains, for payment, such assistance, and issues rules of ethics applying to professional lawyers. The Association also exercises a supervisory function, in that it is to control that an attorney fulfills at all times the requirements for the right of legal representation, ensure that the office of an attorney remains open to the public, control that a professional lawyer preserves any funds in the ownership of others by the use of trust accounts, and that professional liability insurance is maintained.

The Icelandic Bar Association is located in Álftamýri 9, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland. See map.

Four employees work at the Bar Association:

  • Ingimar Ingason, Secretary General
  • Eyrún Ingadóttir, Office Manager and Employee for the Service Department of the Bar Association
  • Eva Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Lawyer
  • Dóra Berglind Torfadóttir, Receptionist & Accountant

Contact information:

Opening hours: Winter: 9:00-17:00, Summer: 8:00-16:00. See Time Zones.

The Board of the Icelandic Bar Association is composed of five members. The board members are elected by a majority vote of the Association's members for a term of two years at a time. The Chairman is however elected for a term of one year. Information about the board of the Icelandic Bar Association.



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