Complaints about lawyers

A Disciplinary Committee is active under the auspices of the Icelandic Bar Association.

The tasks of the Lawyers' Disciplinary Committee

  • To deal with a dispute between a lawyer and his Client concerning the right to and amount of payment for the lawyer's work.
  • To deal with a complaint against a lawyer from a party regarding conduct that may constitute a violation of the Laws or the Codex Ethicus (Lawyers' code of conduct).

You must submit a complaint within a year after it is possible to communicate it to the committee. Otherwise, the committee will reject the submission.

When submitting a case to the committee, the plaintiff must pay a court fee of ISK 12.500, which must be transferred to the Bar Association's account no. 0334-26-1207, ID number 450269-2209. Please send a receipt to the email address If the committee rules in favour of the plaintiff, the court fee will be refunded.

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File a complaint

To submit a complaint, you need to use an electronic ID.

File a complaint here

You can also send a complaint by e-mail to using this form, which you must then sign. If there is more than one plaintiff, everyone must sign the complaint unless the person who signs it provides a power of attorney that they are authorized to sign the complaint on behalf of others. Any documents on paper must also be sent to the committee electronically to the e-mail address

Send documents

The form below should be used to send letters and other documents to the disciplinary committee.

Submit documents here

The process

The process of a complaint to the Lawyer's Disciplinary Committee is as follows:

  • When a complaint is received, the defendant is given the opportunity to submit a report on its content (the typical time is 1-2 months).
  • The plaintiff is allowed to respond to the defence's statement (typical time 1-2 months).
  • The defending party is allowed to comment on the plaintiff's response (the typical time is 1-2 months).
  • Case taken for decision (expected time 2-5 months).

The Lawyers' Appeal Committee meets once a month, except in July and August. The usual processing time for complaints is 8-10 months.



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